If you are reading this now you are either thinking about starting your dreadlocks journey, or like me, you have already jumped all the way into the deep end. Are in search of styles you can do on your dreads to switch up your typical style, looking for guidance, or just starting on your natural hair journey? Change can be scary, but I want to share some hairstyle ideas that will help ease any confusions, as well as open your mind up to styles you haven’t tried yet. There are so many options for dreadlocks hairstyles out there, and I am here to unleash some goodness in your direction!

The Preparation

Whether you’re styling long, medium, or short dreadlocks, there is one thing you must be careful about. Make sure to leave your hair alone the first few weeks of getting your starter locs, as to not aggravate the process. The more you do to your hair in the beginning stages the longer it takes to set. With that out of the way the next few things that you will need to know are as follow (based on how I maintain my own locs).

  • Wash and condition your hair before styling (not necessary but recommended)
  • Oil your scalp
  • Use light oil or product of choice over locs
  • Retwist dreadlocks to create a crisp look (If you are not a fan of retwisting, feel free to let you new growth do its thing, but you will have less of a sleek look)

Now you’re ready to get started on your protective hairstyling.

Styling Short Dreadlocks

Styling short dreadlocks can be tricky business, but it can be done. Essijj styles her hair in the most simple and easy to follow styles. The looks she creates take away the pause that comes from asking the questions that keeps you from even wanting to try to style your own hair. Her video takes the hassle away from really learning how to style short dreads.

Styles for Locs During the Awkward Stages

If you’re like me, your dreads are in the in between stage of growth, it is neither long or short. Even though it can be awkward, we have a lot of dreadlocks hairstyles we can consider. For the sake of time and attention span, I will show you two looks that I have enjoyed doing.

In this style I was a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you would have to see my before look to really understand.


In the following video, I will show you how I styled my hair using one scrunchie to style my hair in 4 different ways. When considering this style, make sure that your accessory isn’t too tight, and can be worn comfortably throughout your day.


Long Dreadlocks, No Problem

In the stage that I am in my hair growth processs, I am miles away from needing this, but for you who are looking for interesting ways to style your locs, Abena’s hairstyle tutorial  will definitely sheds some light a six looks you’ll be able to achieve. I wish my hair were long enough so I can rock the fourth style!

It’s Time to Start Creating

No matter where you are in your hair journey of protective styling, know that there is someone out there who can relate. You are not alone in your transformation, frustrations, need for guidance, or worry of embarking on a new path. I hope that you have found some clarity in knowing that there are styles you can rock too, it’s just a matter of creativity and just taking the steps to see what will work for you. Dreadlocks are great for creating unique natural protective hairstyles, and so I hope that you are using your journey to experiment, explore, and expand on your path if naturalness.

Were you able to try one of these styles? How was your experience? Tag @protectivehairstylenation on your Instagram post of your version of these hairstyles, and be featured in one of our future posts. No matter where you go, what you do, or who you’re with, alway remember that there is Power in Your Crown.

I am convinced that there are three types of people

  1. When I am happy, so is my hair I put extra care into how it looks.
  2. When I’m feeling down, I lean on some hair therapy to brighten my day; this can be going to the salon, shopping for a wig, or changing hairstyles.
  3. When I am feeling like crap, I completely neglect my hair, I rock the it is what it is hair.

Do you agree, or fall into any of these categories?.









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