No Bleach Temporary Hair Dye for Dark Hair

When searching for the best temporary hair color for dark hair, I was looking for products with NO bleach, or damaging chemicals. I tried a total of three different temporary dyes, two semi-permanent, and one temporary. I will be sharing my review of these three products with you; the good, the bad, and the annoying.


Stuck? Learn How to Style Your Dreadlocks

If you are reading this now you are either thinking about starting your dreadlocks journey, or like me, you have already jumped all the way into the deep end. Are in search of styles you can do on your dreads to switch up your typical style, looking for guidance, or just starting on your natural


Stay Warm Without Compromising Your Hairstyle

Yes, it’s cold, and that white fluff takes over our cars, driveways, and everything in its path, BUT that doesn’t mean it has control over our style. Let’s face it, if you are located in places that get a good serving of chill during the winter season, sometimes that cold is no joke. You know


3 Yasss Worthy Wigs

Don’t neglect your hair this winter, protect it! If you want to give your satin lined hat or headband a break, and you are on a hunt for a cute way to protect your hair, I got you! I have to share 3 styles that are quick and require almost no work.