I will NOT be going over how you can cover your dreads with scarfs, or showing you a bazillion ways to wrap your hair. What I will do is show you ONE hairstyle you typically do not see being done on locs. This is a protective hairstyle that I installed over my dreads on two separate occasions, and got so many compliments. Continue reading if you’re in search of a hairstyle that will disguise your dreads and keep you looking on point!

At the end of this, you will have all the tools needed to either do this hairstyle on your own, or be confident in knowing that you can ask your stylist to recreate it. Whatever decision you make, all this goodness is for YOU. If you’re able to successfully pull off the execution of this style, people will be like WHERE ARE YOUR DREADS?

A Little About My Loc Journey

how-do-i-cover-up-my-starter-locs-think-outside-the-box-senegalese-twistIf you’re like me, I started my dreadlocks journey for the ease that I thought it would bring. I started the process back in May 2019 thinking my hair was going to miraculously grow inches overnight! After being natural for over 15 years and not seeing much growth, I thought that getting dreads would resolve this length retention problem I was struggling with for so long…NOT!

I learned quickly that dreads were not a fix your natural hair journey hairstyle solution, and also was missing styles that I used to do on my type 4c hair. If you are like ME TO as you’re reading this, I just wanted to let you know that this hair journey will be long, but lil mama…YOU CAN STILL bring back some HAIRSTYLES that you USED TO DO. You creativity and switch up game doesn’t come to a stop just because you get dreads installed.

Getting Over the Awkwardness

For some of us who just started on our loc journeys, the process feels long. You might just get tired of your bushy dreads, wondering when it will finally look how it’s suppose to, or if you’ve made the right decision in picking this style. When you have reached a point of needing a break from your starter dreadlocks; yes you can cover them, but that’s only temporary, you can’t do that everyday. I will show you one of the protective hairstyles that I use on my dreads that will not only cover your locs, but you can wear it for weeks not days, that style is coming up next.

Not Your Typical Dreadlock Hairstyle

This hairstyle might be obvious, but not many people out here doing it. Have you been wanting to learn how to twist dreadlocks? No, not the typical way, but to two strand twist starter locs using kennekalon hair? I want to expand your knowledge and comfort level to show you how your locs don’t have to box you into a few specific styles. Your options are pleanty and today you will see how you can install Senegalese twists over your dreadlocks.

Do Try This at Home

Can you see yourself trying this hairstyle? If you do, make sure to post your picture and tag us @protectivehairstylenation. Keep in mind that you will need to make sure to protect your edges and hair when installing twists on your locs. If you are not careful, you can risk losing some hair in the process. Be gentle and kind to your hair while trying new styles like this. Make use to use lightweight hair products and oils on your scalp to maintain health and reduce product buildup on your dreads.

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