When searching for the best temporary hair color for dark hair, I was looking for products with NO bleach, or damaging chemicals. I tried a total of three different temporary dyes, two semi-permanent, and one temporary. I will be sharing my review of these three products with you; the good, the bad, and the annoying. After you read through this, you may become team just pass me the bleach already, or I don’t care how temporary it is just as long as it works. Let’s see what side you’re on by the end.


Pink Pride

I had gone to a dinner with my sister in-laws and saw one of them had dyed their hair, and that sparked my interest to switch up my hair game. I was inspired and wanted to dye my hair pink; not just your typical pink, but the bright kind. I was so excited at the possibility. Of course I new my hair wouldn’t actually be bright pink because it was so dark, but I had hoped that maybe when the sun hit me just right you’d get the beauty that is pink!


The Process

Before starting I made sure to gather the following items:

  • Shirt I Don’t Care About (or no shirt, it’s up to you)
  • Tin Foil (optional)
  • Gloves
  • Splat 10 Washes Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (the star of the show)

So….what is Splat hair dye anyway? Splat is a vegan and cruelty free hair dye company, with products made in the USA.


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Now that you know what Splat is about, and the items in which I used, we can move into the telenova that is the process. Since I haven’t seen many Splat hair dye reviews, I hope that this can help you.

  1.  Apply Pink temporary hair dye to drye hair
  2. Use tin foil to section off hair with dye to keep away from skin and clothes
  3. Wait between 5-15 minutes (I waited approximately 2hrs before checking because my hair is so dark)
  4. After 2hrs I reapplied more pink Splat temporary hair color, and waited approximately 7hrs and washed my hair

when I said telenovela, I meant it! You see the process I went through…and this was all I had to show for it?


Orange for Brown Hair

This title alone should have had me running in the other direction, but me and my stubborn behind thought this is a great choice for me. In my mind, my hair is brown, it’s just the dark kind, maybe I can get a rust orange ombré style going. What do you think actually happen?

Because of my experience with Splat hair dye, I decided I wouldn’t go all in and apply the dye to my entire head; instead, I will apply to a small section and HOPE this time is better.


The Process

This time, I decided to do the least as it regards to prep, which resulted in less items needed to get things going.

  • Gloves
  • Overtone Orange for Brown Hair semi-permanent dye

I ended up following a similar process to what I did when applying the Splat dye from earlier.

  1. Apply temporary hair dye on dreads when dry (or on hair that is straight, curly, or otherwise)
  2. Wait 5-15 minutes (actually 4hrs for me, and then I reapplied the hair color)
  3. Rised hair out after waiting an additional 4hrs and this is what I had to show for it


Purple and Redish Pink

I didn’t want to go this route, but I had to, especially because I knew that the colors would actually work and show up. Overtone for dark hair isn’t a thing unless you want to bleach, and same thing goes with Splat hair dye, BUT this option right here actually was promising. This Mofajang hair color gave me hope, but it also brought doubt regarding whether or not the colors would transfer or leak.


The Process 

I went pretty crazy this time around, with my precautionary steps. I am 110% sure that some of you will look at this and say…REALLY… but I was just covering my bases. I used the following:

  • Gloves
  • Plastic bag (used as coverage to provide separation between my skin and clothes to the hair dye)
  • Petrolium jelly
  • Hair ties or elastic bands
  • Purple wax temporary hair color
  • Redish-Pink wax temporary hair color

Although; I had to take multiple steps to make things happen, the total time it took about 4hrs to complete, this time does include re-twisting my dreads, which is not part of the dying process.

  1. On freshly washed hair that has been towel dried apply purple temporary wax hair color (I applied the dye only in the middle of each loc to allow for my natural color from my roots to transition into the purple)
  2. After the purple has been applied to the hair, remove gloves and wear fresh pair to apply the redish pink temporary dye to the ends of each loc
  3. Allow hair to air dry or blow dry hair to set the color
  4. Because I do, have dreads, I retwisted and styled my hair, which took about 1-2hrs and 30 minutes to style

AND….viola the look I was able to achieve with the purple and red temporary hair dye!



This is a water soluble hair dye, which means don’t get it wet or you with either wash it out, or transfer the color on to something, or both.

Wrapping it Up

Splat and Overtone semi-permanent hair color is not the greatest for dark hair that is unbleached. If you are looking to avoid bleaching your hair, these temporary hair dyes are not for you, but great for blonde and light brown hues. Instead, wax temporary hair dye looks like the best decision, but unfortunately, will not last through a typical washday. The search continues for a temporary hair dye for dark hair that will last through at least two washes, but until then wax hair paint is the way to go.

Mofajang-Wax-hair-color-reviews-Protective-Hairstyle-NationDo you know of any good no bleach temporary hair dye brands for dark hair? Share the lengths you went through to achieve your dream style.

Always remember that there is power in your crown, so care for it with love and wear it proud!


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