With Covid-19 putting a stop to salons, and the work of hairstylists, some of us are thinking of the days when we will finally be able to get our hair done. Not to mention, some of us have been on lockdown and can’t wait to get back into our routine. This work from home thing is not for everyone, and not having access to some hair therapy can be tough. Let’s pray that by summertime, the bonnets, scarfs, and unpolished hairstyles can take a break.

If you are in search of a style, and are looking forr some suggestions on hairstyle ideas after quarantine, I have 4 cute box braids hairstyles for you to consider. Stick with me to get a glimpse of what these styles are, as well as how they are installed. Plus you can add some braid cuffs and braid jewelry to elevate any of these styles. What’s your quarantine hair looking like? Make sure to read the question at the end after checking out these 4 summer box braid hairstyle ideas.

The Box Braids Styles Are:

  • Knotlessly in Love

If you have ever asked what are knotless box braids, you have reached the right place. Knotless braids are used in protective hairstyles to reduce the strain to your strands closest to the root of your hair. This protective style consists of starting the braid with your natural hair and then feeding in the braiding hair as you go.

  • Boho Beauty

This is a messy elegant style that provides more volume with less weight, but what are boho box braids? Boho also considered bohemian box braids or goddess braids are when you have your basic box braid style filled in with a few pieces of loose curly hair, the additional hair can be crocheted, or fed through the style.

  • Goddess Queen

Goddess Box Braids are one of my favorite styles. This style of braids can be considered boho, but may also be done without the loose pieces. For example, this style can also be a standard box braid look that tapers off to a loose/medium curl. The curls at the end introduces some fun and flirty vibes.

  • Crochet Tempations

What are crochet braids, and how do you install them? Crochet braids can be done in many ways, it’s all in the braid pattern that you use. If you are looking for a more flexible style, try a versatile braid pattern, if your not looking into doing ponytails, high buns or  anything like that, then this will be a must try..

Based on these for braid styles, what would you rock? I’m thinking I will try the bohemian braids but in blue. Let’s see how it goes. Comment below to share you’re favorite style.

When we are all free again, and the threat of the Coronavirus has been under control, salons everywhere will be booming. This will be the time that we will both need each other. Support your local small businesses while you’re being pampered.

What is the state of your hair currently? If you could circle one, which one would it be, pick one:

  1. I have worn a scarf or bonnet for so long, I don’t even know what my hair looks like
  2. Why try to do my hair if I can’t even go anywhere
  3. i spend most of my day in my pjs and my hair in a scarf or bonnet
  4. I try here and there to switch up my hair but the easiest thing to do is put it in a puff, or some 15 minute protective hairstyle
  5. You won’t catch me looking a mess, I always stay on top of my style, slay all day

Wherever you are in life, 2020 will forever be etched in your mind. We all are impacted by Covid-19, from our health care workers, to our emergency response folks, to just us everyday citizens. In this time I as that you don’t let fear break your drive, mental state, or fleekness! Do what you can to remain your beautiful self. Mental healt is important, and for some of us, our hair contributes to how we feel, and the way we express ourselves. What is your hair saying right now? Remember that there is Power in your Crown, so protect it.


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