Have you ever asked the question can you braid over dreadlocks, or thought that the idea would be complicated or discouraging? I am here to tell you that is not only CAN you install braids over dreads, but I will show you just how I install them over my own locs. In this post I will share picture tutorials of how to add braids over your loc, AND provide you with a video outling the proccess I use.

Why Braid Your Locs?

Before starting my loc’d journey, I loved to switch my hair game up every 2-4 weeks. Mind you my hair length has never really reached shoulder length, so I was in the in between twa and medium length hair. When I transitioned to dreads, that didn’t stop my need or want to change my styles out, and I’m here to tell you that YOU can do the same.

Here are some of the reasons why someone might want to get their locs braided:

  • Gets bored easily
  • Has short hair and looking for some length
  • Wants a change in style
  • Curious about the idea of getting braids
  • Would like know how can I hide my dreads

Are Box Braids Damaging?

Like many things, the more you do it, the more damage it may cause. For example, putting your hair in a tight bun as a protective hairstyle daily will result in the silent cries of your baby hairs. Eventually you edges will start to recede over time. Likewise; when it comes to installing box braids over you locs, it is important that braids aren’t super tight, and that you aren’t styling it in ways that causes more stresses to your natural hair.

Box braids for protective hair styling is a good thing, but can be damaging depending on installation, and styling practices, so be sure to properly maintain your braids. You know, often times I usd to go to the salon, and get my braids done. When I go home and it was finally bedtime, and I could not bend my neck without feeling that hair tugging, or had a headache from the tightness; you know what I would say to myself? Oh….this style is going to last me awhile! As I got older I realized how much harm this way of thinking was actually harming me. I am sure I was not alone in this thinking of the “the tighter the better” mindset. Remove the idea of “the tighter the better” when getting braids put in, because that is what is damaging, not the actual braiding itself.

can-you-install-box-braids-over-locsWhat Size Box Braids Should You Get?

The size of box braids you choose is based on the size of your locs. In the box braids step by step video tutorial, you will notice that I installed jumbo box braids over my dreads, that is because my locs varied in size so I used anywhere from 2-4 pieces of locs underneath each braid.

For those of you who have sister locs or small dreads, you may end up using 4-10 pieces of locs to create a jumbo box braid style. If you prefer medium size braids, you will be able to reduce the quantity of locs that you place under each braid.

Dreads to Box Braids, What do You Need?

Before installing your box braids, make sure you pr hair is washed, your scalp oiled, and hair moisturized. After your hair prep has been completed, you will need your braiding hair of choice. I used a tapered braiding hair (pre-stretched hair) that I purchase on amazon or beauty store. Aside from the braiding hair, the only other thing you will need is a hair tie, or something to keep your dreads out of the way.

How do You go About Installing Braids Over Your Loc’d Hair?

There are three ways that you can use to install your braids; the first is just the typical manner, the second is using the feed-in method, and the third one uses the knotless braid technique.

Standard Braids

Take your braiding hair and braid over your locs using standard three strand braiding style.

Feed in Method

Start with a small amount of braiding hair and braid using the standard method, then add hair as you go to thicken your braid.

Knotless Braids

Knotless braids on dreads consists of starting your braid with  a minimum of 3 locs, as you braid your dreads without extensions, you will add some extensions as you go until you have reached your desired thickness.

In the following video you will see how I transformed my locs into these beautifully large 1b/30 ombré box braids. I went from short to medium length dreads, to long hair don’t care in about 4 hours. I hope that this tutorial for braids over locs answers some of the questions you have had.

Picture Illustration of How I Install Box Braids Over Dreadlocks.


Planning Out Your Sections
The amount of locs you place under each box braid will dictate the size braid. In this picture, I have decided to use two dreads. You might not have noticed, but the two locs in this section are not equal in size, you will need to keep hat into consideration when installing your braids.


Start Braiding
Grab your hair of choice, and split your extension hair into two sections, then cross them over each other to create three parts. You will then take this hair and start braiding from the root of your hair. In this visual, I braided about one inch down before I started tucking my locs into the braid.


Braid Tucking
I am not exactly sure what it’s called but, let’s ball it braid tucking for now. After we have braided about an inch down, take the extension hair and wrap it around your locs, surrounding it until it is as disguised as you can make it, then proceed with braiding. As you braid, continue to make sure that your locs are being tucked or cocooned into the braiding hair.


Tuck Tuck Tuck
The tucking doesn’t end until you have surpassed your locs, after that point you can braid as you would normally. You will need to complete these steps throughout this your head and 4 to 6 hours later, you’ll be done. If you are a faster braided, you’ll definitely knock this out in less time.

How Long Should You Keep Braids in for?

If you are to ask the girl who gets bored quickly and at the first sight of fuzziness of her braids she wants to switch out her hairstyle….the answer would be to remove your braidsafter 3-4 weeks. In my circle of friends and through experience with others who enjoy getting braids installed, I have observed that 4-6 weeks has been enough time to rock  braids. Of course you can keep your hair in for longer, but by then, even if your braids look good, your new growth would be like whoa!

Essentially, the decision for how long to keep braids in is yours, so for however long you choose to keep your braids in, make sure your scalp is adequately moisturized and cleaned.

Box Braids for All.

In this post I have shared with you, how I install box braids over my dreadlocks in both video and picture form. I hope that you found this content to be helpful. If you have done this style before, comment below. If you haven’t but are curious to give it a try, I would like to here from you too. For you who are never going to consider this style, feel free to share your thoughts as well. Sharing is caring, so feel free to share this with a family or friend.


Whether you get braids or not, always remember that there is “Power in Your Crown”, so care for it with pride.




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