I recent wrote a blog post about a few undetectable wigs that requires NO prep, but what happens if you dont want to create your own? I wanted to put this together to share how you can create a look that is custiomizeable to YOU. Not everything you find in stores or online can match your style, so let’s look into how you can create the right style for your unique self. Continue on to learn about these three ways to DIY wig hats.

What You will Need?

Before we can get into the nook and crannies of making these wigs, you must know what you will need to be prepared to embark on this adventure.
  • Your hat of choice, bandana, or turban.
  • Synthetic or human hair weave, or even a wig.
  • Needle and thread for those who can sew.
  • Hair glue, or glue gun for those of us you haven’t learned to sew or don’t have the time for all of that.
  • Wig cap, or something similar.

Now let’s get to it!

Baseball Cap with Hair Attached

This is a great warm weather style to rock. Throw on your hat wig and go to the groceries, pool party, bbq, or any other laid back social gathering. If you love wearing baseball caps, this wig hat for you, and if you would like to have a satin lined baseball cap, you can purchase a satin lined baseball cap, or get a satin wig cap or bonnet and glue it into your hat prior to attaching the hair.

Winter Hat or Beannie Wig

For a wig hat, this is the most appropriate for cooler season; well, at least for me in the east coast. This style works great for colder temps and like the baseball cap you can wear this hat while performing your regular everyday errands, as well as group outings. The ultimate slap on and walk out the door style NO PREP NEEDED. If you want to add a lil flair to your style, you can throw on a pom-pom on your hat, or even add some rhinestone for a little bling.

Turban Headband with Hair

Have you been wanting to make your own DIY wrap wig… Well this is it! From all of previously mentioned wig styles, this wig style is my favorite; not only can you not detect this wig, but it can be worn all year round, AND it is appropriate for all occasions! In this video, Kem Possible uses a sewing needle to secure the hair down, but, you can also glue the hair down if the idea of sewing discourages you.. This wig can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit and accessories, and if you’d like to create a turban style that allows you to switch up your style, maybe consider using buttons, or even Velcro to finesse something up.

Wrapping it All Up

In this post I share three wig types: baseball cap, winter hat, and turn/headband styled wigs. These wigs are relatively quick to make, so now that you have been given the tools go out there and make the wig of your choice.. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore, you are officially part of the team!

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  1. Shanta Rahman


    First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article which is very helpful to me .Baseball cap with hair attached to me This is a nice warm weather style .I like to wear baseball caps. For this, I was able to attach the hair to the wig cap .Currently we have Summer here so I like to do headband styled wigs .These wigs can be made relatively quickly as well as are easily available for making tools .And with me this style fits easily. It looks interesting to me. 

    Overall I enjoyed reading your article. So I will definitely deliver your article to my girlfriend and she will be very happy to share her new experience with you.Can I share your article on my social media?

    • Protective Hairstyle Nation


      Thank you! I am happy you found this post to be informative. Feel free to share!

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