Wigs can become a process to wear, with all the glueing, lace cutting, blending, itchiness, and everything else that comes with it. Wouldn’t you be happier just throwing something on and heading out the door? After all a wig should be a tool not a burden. If you are tired of the time it takes to prep your wig for wearing, or uncomfortable with the idea of wearing hair that isn’t your own, don’t worry there are options for you. Skip the process and learn about a few wigs that will keep everyone guessing…even you! Most importantly, when wearing these wigs, you will feel the 3 E’s, which will be mentioned later in this post.

Fineapple Wig

This wig got me shook when I first saw it, I was amazed at the look of this unit. The wig is equipped with a wrap that gives the illusion of your natural hair being put up into a pineapple style, plus you get a little bang action going. I can’t see anyone guessing that this is a wig at all! AfroAnew created various styles of wigs with wraps, so if this particular style doesn’t appeal to you, there are pleanty of natural looking wig options you can choose from.


Wig Construction

This is a single unit wig. The wrap is attached to a kinky curly like textured hair. This wig comes equipped with a drawstring to provide you with the ability to get the right fit. No one likes an uncomfortably tight or unsecured wig!

Who Can Wear this Wig

If you who are…

  • Seeking Texture
  • Looking for Volume
  • Searching for Natural kinky or Curly Hair Wigs
  • Enjoy Accessorizing Your Wigs (now you get an all in one)

What are People Saying

Although, there are no website or video reviews available for this pineapple-like wig, the flexibility, and ease of wear for this wig is very appealing. I wish this unit could have a little more versatility of wear when it comes to switching out your accessories. If you are looking for an interchangeable option, this might not be the wig for you, BUT if you want to rock a few natural kinky curly wigs and do not mind the possibility of not changing out the accessory, this is the company for you!

Bring on the Hats

There are a series of hat styles that exist with hair attached. I am not 100% sure if this completely classifies as a wig, but for the purpose of getting you out the door quick, I think these option will pass. I will share two styles of hats with attached hair, one for the colder months, and the other for warmer weather. These styles typically have more of a straight or loose curl.


Entranced Styles Winter Hat Wig

This wig not only simplifies the process of getting out the house without having to worry about that bad hair day, but it also privides a necessary warmth through the knit material.


AISI Beauty Baseball Cap Wig

This wig baseball cap combination makes for a great look for your summer or spring outing. You can rock this unit at a barbecue, pool party, outdoor concert, or sports game. Throw on this baseball cap and go!

When it comes to outdoor activities, your options are endless with these hat style wigs, but there is a time and a place for these looks.


Wig Construction

Both units are fully attached to the hats. If you are looking for the ease of throwing a hat on between hairstyles, bad hair bays, or just for the ease of it, these hats are a great option for that. The winter hat doesn’t not have the capability for adjusting, but fortunately the baseball cap does.

Who Can Wear this Wig

You who are…

  • A Fan of Length
  • Looking for Comfortable Seasonal Wig
  • Enjoys Wearing Straight or Loose Curl Wigs
  • Searching for a Casual Low Key Style
  • In Love with the Long Hair Don’t Care Look

What are People Saying

Entranced Styles Winter Hat Wig

With a 4.5 star rating and 14 reviews, this unit is highly praised by buyers. This winter hat wig is characterized as, looking real, feeling warm, and hair being soft to the touch. The reason why this style did not recieve a perfect score is due to hair tangling, as well as the shine.

AISI Beauty Baseball Cap Wig

83 customers rated this baseball cap 4 stars. Buyers classify this wig as: cute, quick on the go option, easy to wear, and natural looking. A few customers have expressed dislike with the shiny look of the hair as well as it’s possibility to tangle.

Have it Your Way

These line of wigs aren’t necessarily wigs at all. Created with women experiencing hair loss in mind, these styles allow for customizations, which makes it more of an accessory and hair combo rather than a wig. Maybe you are looking for a hat style today, but tomorrow you want to rock a scarf, well with these units you have options. Whether or not you are looking for wigs for cancer treatment, hair loss, or other, these combinations can be worn by anyone.



Cardani Hat and Halo

Wig Construction

As an outsider looking in, these units appear to come in various styles. You will be able to find a headscarf with bangs, as well as scarfs with hair that can be detached and interchanged with you hair accessory of choice through Cardani. These units come separate, you will be able to purchase the hair in a halo look, or just by some bangs; from there, you can then choose what accessory you would like to buy to pair with the hair. Cardani provides a style that when paired together the look is seamless. For example, the hat shown above would be easily paired with a halo hair unit to complete your removable hair and hat style combination.

Who Can Wear this Wig

You who are…

  • Experiencing Hair Loss
  • Under Going Treatment
  • Looking for Versatility in Styling
  • Enjoys the Idea of a Non Single Unit Wigs
  • All for Switching Up Your Style with Hair Accessories (mainly hats, scarfs and wraps)

What are People Saying

Customers who have purchased these hair-accessory combinations have overall enjoyed the product as well as the quality. A few purchasers who have undergone treatment have expressed feeling of itchiness and/or irritation from the Velcro used to attach hair to their hat or scarf. There have also been customers who enjoy the natural look of the hair. Although, the flexibility of wear is truely unmatched; if you are looking for a more volumous natural style, you might want to keep on looking.

feel-your-best-with-these-get-you-out-the-door-quick-wigsThe Infamous 3 E’s

I do not know what path you are on or what road you have taken regarding your natural hair journey, but I hope I have helped you in your quest. I created this post for you who started radiation and are looking for alternatives, or are concerned, unfomortable, or haven’t grasped the idea of hair loss.. I also put this together for those of you who are suffering with hair loss, or too busy to style your hair, as well as you who are looking for a quick and simple hairstyle, and in search of a realistic looking wig to fit into your lifestyle.

When you find that right wig…. you will feel the 3 E’s, at least a combination of them. Whether your get you out the door quick Wig is something you found in this post or elsewhere, you may feel a sense of…


Your look is in your hands, you are the curator of your inside feelings being shared outwardly by the hair YOU choose to rock, plus you’ll have hat added confidence knowing that you’ve found a seamless wig style that matches your fly!


You will worry less about time, insecurities, and what to do to prepare your hair or style, with these options, you just throw you wig on and go! Bieber sang it the best…It’s a no brainer.


The feeling that you have struck gold, might have hit you by now. If that is you, you will agree with me when I say, at this point you can picture yourself wearing the wig of your choice and imagining how you will feel wearing it. I’d like to think, that this feeling will be one of joy and excitement. The moment when you finally find what you have been looking for, not only will you share your joy, but you will spread the love too!

Now, to Sum it All Up

In this post I shared the wig styles that would get you thinking ease, empowerment, with a splash of excitement. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it, and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below. No matter where you are or where you’re going, always remember that THERE IS POWER IN YOUR CROWN, whether your crown, is long, curly, thick, thin, or without hair, only YOU can wear it the best! Wear your crown YOUR way, and wear it proud!


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