Yes, it’s cold, and that white fluff takes over our cars, driveways, and everything in its path, BUT that doesn’t mean it has control over our style. Let’s face it, if you are located in places that get a good serving of chill during the winter season, sometimes that cold is no joke. You know that kind of cold where you hear the wind blow and you’re like feeling the  shivers even before you roll out of bed! If you know what I mean, I’m writing this post for you…You, who want to keep it cute but still be warm while doing it.  I will share three things you can wear this winter that will allow you to rock your updo, and still be your cute self, because we can’t always be out here wearing hats.

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The Infinity Head Scarf

You know how there are the infinity scarfs, I thought it would be funny to use that phrase for a headband…. ok, maybe the humor in it is only in my own head, but if you’re on a mission to wear your hair up, headbands are the way to go. When I say headbands, I am speaking about a satin lined knit headband that is suitable for winter wear. I’m not sending you all out here to freeze in a decorative headband. Yes, you may want to keep it cute, but don’t go out in the blithering cold and catch yourself some frostbite! A satin lined winter headband won’t only protect your ears from the cold but also your hair. I typically use mine to flatten down my look in a stylish way. You will be able to find headbands that you can pull over your head, or the version that is detachable. Whatever option you choose will be the best one for you.

Marshmellow Ears

Ok, this might sound gross, but it comes from a good place. I was hanging out with my sister-in-law and she had these cute earmuffs, they were super furry and cozy looking….hence the name marshmellow ears. You might have guessed it by now, I can be a little extra, but there’s a story behind the madness. Earmuffs are a cute way to not mess around with your hairstyle, so if your the earmuff type, go cop yourself one of those soft pillowy kinds, they’re not only adorable and playful, but will also create a barrier between your ears and the winter chill.

Wrap it Up

When all else fails and you’re in a hurry, grab a scarf and wrap it up! You can take you scarf and wrap it such that your ears are protected. There are so many ways to wrap a scarf and Kilahmazing shows just you you can protect yourself with four ways of wrapping your hair. That brings me to the question, would you be interested in a satin lined scarf? Leave a comment below; I am curious, and I am sure others are wondering too.

Ready for the Coverup

Now, you are all ready to stomp out in these streets in warmth while not having to compromise on your hairstyle. In this post you learned about your three options for concurring the winter in style by wearing satin lined headbands, earmuffs, or even a scarf. Yes these may be things you might already know, but it is often what we know most that is overlooked. Hats can only be worn for so long especially for those of us who love wearing updos, so switch it up this winter..

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