Don’t neglect your hair this winter, protect it! If you want to give your satin lined hat or headband a break, and you are on a hunt for a cute way to protect your hair, I got you! I have to share 3 styles that are quick and require almost no work. These hairstyles will be achieved right out from a bag or box that wig is coming out of… I will be sharing with you my top 3 wig picks, who knows maybe I’ll even create a wig giveaway so you can give them a try.

Winter can be extremely brutal on your hair and scalp. I have felt it’s wrath, and if you are in cold climates, you have too. I had to create this blog post for you, to put you ahead of the game in protecting your hair and look good while doing it.

After reading this blog post you will be able to slay this winter with a protective style while your hair and scalp stays moisturized! Keep reading to find out what wig styles I recommend and where to find them.

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Bugundy is the New Black 


If you love how straight hair looks on you, I recommend this look. This human hair lace front wig is great for when you want to add a little color to your life, but want to be kind of low key about it. Why go black if you can get a little burgundy action?

This wig does not come pre plucked or with baby hairs, so you will have to put some work in on that, but it is a glueless unit. If you’re looking for that “Long hair don’t care” vibe, you can find it in this burgundy wig by Estelle Wig, but you also have the option of going shorter and getting a 12 inches long wig.

Loose and Lovely Curly Bob


If you love volume but not too much of it, then this is all you right here! This beautiful Bob is Get that sleek and sophisticated look with this lovely wig. While you’re at go ahead and activate that Sasha Fierce within! Put a little bounce in your step as they watch that hair go to work. This is a pre plucked front lace wig ready to unpackage, throw right on, and go.

Volume on Volume

You’re here, now demand the room! This gorgeous wig has lovely blonde and brown tones, plus it’s the most affordable of all of the wigs. It’s bold yet mysterious look can have others wondering, “who’s that?” I’m a volume girl, so if you’re like me, this curly wig has your name on it! The best part is you can tease it a little more to increase the lioness affect, but don’t go too far to the point of ruining the hair.

With this wig there’s no need for baby hairs, plucking, or any of those time consuming processes, especially for those of you who are like me who have a hard time with making wigs look realistic. This full wig does all the work, all you have to do is slap it on over your nylon or satin wig cap, and like Beannie Man you’re “good to go”!

Why Wear Wigs

For me, wigs are one of the best protective hairstyles. Not to be funny or anything, but during the winter, it literally serves as a hat on a bad hair day. Wigs are also a good way to help prevent your hair and scalp from drying out. The cold winds are not battering your scalp when you are wearing a wig, it’s protected. That means no more dry scalp and brittle hair! Bye dryness, hello moisture!

Wigs are also another great option to protect your edges, but in my opinion that is when you’re not glueing your unit down. Under your wig, you can have your hair in braids, or rubber bands for those of us who can not braid. Finding the right braid pattern can help your edges flourish under a wig. Make sure that you hair is adequately moisturized before slapping on your wig.

Another reason why wigs are great for your hair and scalp is because you can switch it up from day to day without damaging your actual hair. When your hands are in your actually hair constantly, it stunts the growth that you are trying to achieve and prolongs your journey to getting healthier, thicker hair. You can also give your hair and scalp the much needed rest it requires by wearing wigs in between styles.

Here’s to investing in yourself! Always remember that “there is power in your crown”, so care for it with some love and tenderness.

If you decide to go with any of these looks above: comment below, post a picture, and tell everyone how you feel about it. I can’t wait to read about your experience. Happy hunting and wear your crown proudly!

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