In 2010, right after graduating college I did my big chop. For the longest I kept my hair in braids until I had a decent amount of hair to put into puff styles. Ya girl was excited when she could finally bring that hair into a ponytail, even though it was a lil skimpy. Today I am 7 months into my loc journey and wanted to let you know that, your hair doesn’t limit your sense of creativity. You have the power over your crown to style it your way, with a lil modifications of course, but YASSS, you don’t have to put yourself in a box. I will be sharing a style that I attempted that actually turned out to be on point! This might be a style you have been considering but questioning if it would work, but I am here to show you that it will.

Getting Rid of the Limits we Set

a-hairstyle-you-havent-tried-on-dreads-Spread-PositivityBefore we get into styling, there needs to be an understanding that maybe a style you want to try may not have been done before or you haven’t come across it, so don’t be afraid to find away to create it, and when you do share it with others…we all know that if one person has this need, others do to, so spread the love! When we sit in the oh my hair is loc’d, I can’t do this style, this style won’t look as good on me because I have dreads, or my dreads are short I can’t realy style it, you close the door on the possibility to achieve a new style that would undoubtedly bring a smile to you and your beautiful crown.

Let’s Get Busy

Some of us may already know or have heard about women getting their dreads braided, getting loc extensions, installing faux locs via the crochet method, but how many of you have heard about installing twists over your dreadlocks. No, I don’t mean taking your dreads and twisting them, what I am saying is, taking the hair of your choice and discussing your locs under a twist style. The style that I will be showing is one that I tried out on myself and hope that it will serve you as a guide or at least a form of inspiration.


This is an example of dread extensions with the use of crocheting faux locs. My less than shoulder length dreads would never be enough for me to achieve this amount of volume, so I had to add some enhancements. This is something you can do too, for adding color, length, or thickness, BUT, adding faux locs is not the style I wanted to really share with you about today.

The Style You Might have Wanted, but was too Scared to Try

I never rocked Senegalese Twists when I was not loc’d, so doing them when I was on this hair journey was a tad bit tricky. In this video I share my feeling about the process of installing these twists on my starter locs.

Are you now ready to see what the process looks like? Disclaimer…muscle memory is a REAL thing, this lil miss right here was struggling a lil bit trying to figure out the twisting process without unraveling the twist. If this is your first time doing Senegalese Twists, don’t expect perfection, you are learning and will improve with time, plus you’re too blessed to be stressed.

Let’s Take Some Action

You have seen an example of how to style your hair, and do it like a boss! Yes, maybe you haven’t tried it before, but hopefully, these videos were just what you needed to get the ball rolling.. Maybe you’re not even interested in this style, but now are considering something new. That’s ok, I want you to explore the new ways of being simply YOU and allow me to be part of your journey #protectivehairstylenation.

Let’s Live, Let’s Learn, and Let’s Love our crowns more, and always remember “There is Power in Your Crown”.




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