Imagine a cotton candy maker, you start off with the holder of your cotton candy, and as you spin…it collects the candy until it grows into a glorious ball of goodness. This is similar to how feed in braids work. Feed in braid styles all start by taking your natural hair and braiding, or twisting it, and then adding extensions in increments until you have reached your desired thickness. Read on to learn about 3 feed in braid styles, along with how to videos that will help you achieve the styles.

Feed in Braids Don’t Have to be Braids

Feed in braids are a great way to add some thickness to any braid style, but don’t be fooled by the name.  Although, feed in braids my reference braiding in it’s  name; twist styles can use this technique. For example, if you are installing flat twists and want to add some thickness to your look and some extra length, this would be a great solution. Feed in’s are not just good for thickening your braid or twist style, but also for adding some color to you look without the damages that dying has. The feed in method can be used in Senegalese, Havana, and flat twists to create a nice juicy look.

In the video GlamFam uses a thread rack to hold the hair sections, although, the rack can be useful; you do not need to use it. If you do not have a rack, no problem! The use of your lap or the back of a chair will work just fine.

Knotless Braids vs Feed in Braids

Is there a difference between the knottless versus the feed in braids? Well, I believe these are two terms for the same thing. The knotless braids starts off by braiding your natural hair and then adding braiding hair to extend or thicken the braids. Sounds like these braid styles are the same, because that’s exactly what feed in do. Leave a comment to let me know what you think about knotless vs feed in braids.

DOPEaxxPANA creates some bomb braids in this knotless braid tutorial. Because the hair that she is using is a different color then her clients hair, it is easier to see the process of feeding in the braiding extension.

Got Cornrows

French braid hairstyles tends to use the feed in braid method the most. It’s the best when rocking two straight back braids because they get nice and thick creating a more proportional style. Whether you are getting lemonade braids, or double french braid style, feed ins are the way to elevate your style.

GlamFam does such a great job in his how to feed in braids tutorial video that I had to bring him up again!

Are You a Pro Now

In this post you learned about three feed in braid styles and how you would go about achieving those styles. With all braiding styles, the more you practice at it the better you will be. If you are new to this type of braiding, don’t expect to be perfect at your first attempt, take it easy and keep going at it.



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