So, you’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to style natural black hair, not knowing what to do with your hair, can’t braid, crochet, or install flat twists? 

I get it!  The frustration of trying figure your hair out is enough to get you running to wigs as a solution. If you are looking for kinky or curly hair help, want to know how style natural hair, or simply lost when it comes to styling, by the end of this you will be equipped with hairstyle ideas to get your hair game to the next level! Keep your locks on lock with these 7 hairstyles…and for the love of hair, give that wig a break!


Half Up Half Down

The only required hair accessory for this look is one hair elastic. For this style section off the front portion of your hair and tie off that section.  The rest of your hair will need to be picked out with either your fingers or a pick until you’ve reached your desired volume. If you need some added volume or length, you can always add in some extensions.

If you think you can’t achieve this look, you are under estimating your skills. Maybe you don’t have curls, or your hair is short; well, no problem! For some curls add some rollers, or  you can get some clip in extensions for added length.


Curly Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is my favorite, this style is similar to the pineapple hairstyle, which is described below. For this style only the hair on the sides are slicked up towards the top of your head and pinned to create the faux hawk.  You can leave your hair natural or throw in some curling or flexi rods for some curls.


Bands Will Make Hair Dance

For non braiders, rubber bands might become your best friend when it comes to getting some clean lines in your style.  With just a few rubber bands, you’ll be able to achieve a braid like style minus the braids.

For those of you with shorter hair like me, to achieve this look, you can easily grab a pack of braiding hair and separate it into two sections. You will use these to wrap around you mini pigtails to turn it from skimpy to kapow!


Low Ponytail

Pull your hair back into a sleek bun, the reach into your beauty supply bag and grab you draw string ponytail… slap that baby over your own ponytail and secure the draw string pony, and BAM there you have it.  Your perfect pony in a snap!


Double B’s

Looking for a quick and easy bangs with bun style?  The way to achieve this look for women with short to medium length hair, all you will need are your styling products, one back of braiding extensions of your choice, one hair tie, and a few bobby-pins.

You get the most bang for your buck with this hairstyle… too punny, eh there’s never too much… this is a great for beginners at learning how to style natural black hair.


High Jumbo Bun

The high bun may be one of the easiest hairstyle to do when you want to get out the door quick, but look like it took hours to get ready.  This style will be great for you if you are a fan of a big bun.  The simplicity of this style allows you to dress it up with crystal hair pins, dress it down with a bandana, or wear the bun as it is.

This true protective hairstyle is a great style to put the how should I do my hair questions to the side, especially when you’re getting ready for an event.


Pineapple Love

This style is known for its pineapple shape… if you haven’t rocked this look, you may have seen someone you know wear it.  Basically, this is an updo where you hair is solely brought to the top of your head but is held with an elastic or tied up with a wrap of some sort.  If you are lacking in length, you can still achieve this look as shown in this video.


Wow, that was a lot, but believe it or not there are hundreds of ways that you’ll be able to style your hair WITHOUT braiding, crocheting, or even flat twisting.

You have been equipped with 7 easy protective hairstyles that can be used on any type 4 hair.  It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, there are ways to adapt these looks to work for you!  Now put that wig in the box, and tell her she can come for a visit next week…

Do you have any hair ideas you’d like to share, go for it! Comment below for all us naturals looking for a way to best style our hair.

Remember that “There is Power in Your Crown”, so treat your hair with care.



Curlingly yours,


Founder at Protective Hairstyle Nation


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