In this post I will be showing you six different cute french braid hairstyles out of standard cornrow ponytail updo, a very  basic and simple hairdo.  While I show you a few options of cornrow hairstyles for women, I encourage you to think of some on your own and leave your ideas in the comment section below.  Don’t limit yourself to one hairstyle.  Before we get into these cornrow braid pictures, remember to check for any upcoming or current giveaways.

The Transformation of a Simple braided Pony Tail (With Pictures of hairstyles).

We will be starting up with a braided updo as shown in the picture to the left.  This hairstyle is pretty basic when it comes to time and technique and consists of parting hair into four sections, where each section will be braided towards the center of your head.  In this case, I decided to braid the hair up more so to get a high pony look; if it is your preference to go higher or lower, go for it!

Tilted Pompadour

how-many-different-hairstyles-could-you-think-up-if-you-had-this-hairstyle-braided-pompadourThis off centered hairstyle provides both height and edgy-elegance with a faux hawk flare.  I absolutely enjoy this faux hawk for women style and the added height you get when you rock this look.  Let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt that it can create more of an elongated look to your face too.

The Pomp Pomp


This hairstyle reminds me of the  pomp pomp for a hat, and is basically the braiding of the hair and rolling it up.  For this look:

Separate the hair in your pony into three sections and braid each section.

After all sections have been braided, take one of the three braided sections and wrap it around the pony.

Tuck the wrapped braided section into the scrunchy or rubberband that you used to secure your pony.

Follow the same step three for the remaining two sections until you have achieved this pomp pomp like braided bun updo.

Sea Conch


Looking for an under the sea type of look, maybe you can mix things up with the sea conch hairstyle.  This hairstyle reminds me of a sea conch shell, hence the name I chose for it.  The main objective of this updo is to place all of the hair onto one side of your head in a swirling motion.

Undo your pony tail and let your hair out.

Take a chunk of hair from the back portion of you head and roll it honey bun style off to the side of your head that you prefer (left or right).

Section off some hair from the middle, but much smaller than what was sectioned out from the back; roll that section as well.

The remaining of the hair will be needed to connect the rolled sections to create the cohesive look you see in the final hairstyle.

The Curtain


This is the easiest style of all of the looks, which simply consists of taking the ponytail out and swooping the hair forward towards the side of your face.  I refer to this style as the curtain because it kind of blocks your face, and gives me the “don’t look at me” (insert Enrique Iglesias’s voice here) vibes.



This name is definitely not an interesting one, but this hairstyle reminded me of the miniature tails (nubs) that some dogs have so I thought it was fitting.  The nub, is a low pony tail where, you section the hair off in two sections and braid each section.  Take one braided section and wrap it around the pony, and wrap the other section going the opposite direction.

The Mermaid


When I see this style, my immediate thought is, wow this braid makes me think of scales on a fish, so why not call this one mermaid.  The mermaid look is the second easiest hairstyle idea because all you need are two steps.  With this hairstyle, all you will need to do is braid your pony into one braid, and tuck the end into the braid to hide the tip.

Summary of Hairstyles.

We have gone through six different hairstyles the: tilted pompadour, pomp pomp, sea conk, curtain, nubby, and mermaid.  All of these hairstyles are a great way to switch things up to keep the excitement in styling.  With these six styles, you can make this simple braided hairstyle last you anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.


If you found this post to be helpful, feel free to comment below, and share it with your friends, family, or both.  Do you have a suggestion for a possible hairstyle idea, share it below?

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