Natural hair can be challenging to manage for those who haven’t learned to. Are you having trouble braiding your children’s hair, do they squirm or cry at the thought of getting their hair braided? How about you, do you get a case of the ouch when you get your hair done? Chances are the preparation needed to properly style your hair or your child’s hair is lacking. In this post you will learn three tips to decrease the discomfort associated with installing braids.

Detangle, Detangle, Detangle…

Not Afraid to Get a lil Toasty?
If you do not mind the heat, a hooded dryer or blow dryer might make the process a little quicker for prepping hair before styling.
  • Place hair into 4 to 8 sections prior to washing, the sections can be single braids or hair tied down to prepare for washing.
  • Wash hair as normal; during conditioning unbraid/undo one section at a time and use this time to detangle, once detangled, braid the section loosely.
  • After hair is fully conditioned, follow the directions on the back of the conditioner for timing for rinsing the product out.
  • Hair is now ready for the drying process.

Now we have all of this settled, get those rollers out for a roller set, or for blow drying hair with a low tension method. Curl Chels’s video demonstrates what I mean by low tension NO BRUSH OR COMB because we all know these can produce some level of pain or discomfort.

Heat, No Way!
Maybe you have no interest in using heat to stretch your hair before braiding, that’s ok…follow steps from the previous section, just keep your 4 to 8 sections of hair braided or tied off.  Allow hair to air dry and voila, you’ll be ready to get to styling.

Feed Your Hair

The use of product may help ease the braiding process.  Products can aid in decreasing tangles while braiding. Hair must have what it needs, whether that be protein or moisture to improve the look of your style and overall hair health. The addition of leave in conditioners, oils, jam, or simply water, can give your hair the needed flexible to ease braiding by creating some slippage.

Technique is Everything.

Who hates getting in a salon chair, a friends house, or at a family members house only to feel like your braider is literally ripping your hair out with each stroke? I definitely have been there! Not all braiding is right, the tighter is NOT the better. Yes, the style might last but your edges won’t. This is a sure way to get the results that you’re not looking for…hair loss. Braids should be tight enough to hold, but not so tight that it hurts, in other words don’t be heavy handed.

Go Out and Get to Work!

Natural hair doesn’t have to refer strictly to kinky or curly hair; some of these techniques can be utilized by those who have straighter hair as well. When braiding your hair or a loved ones, you can utilize some or all of the tools you have read here today. Be prepared to detangle, moisturize, and braid with some tenderness, so let’s get to work! Do you have any suggestions that you can share?

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